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Skin Bae Trio

$215.00 $228.00

More Bae for your buck!

Get all three sizes and save

Pure, simple ingredients 

No added fragrances or preservatives

Skin Bae's anti-aging properties work down deep

Thousands of complexions improved and counting

Ready for a glowup? Skin Bae is mixed with good-for-you rosehip oil and the perfect blend of luxurious natural essential oils. Try this renowned all-natural facial serum if you've got skin issues and are looking for a natural skincare solution.

Rosehip oil helps produce more collagen and elastin and protects and moisturizes the skin, helping maintain a youthful glow.

You can take charge of your skin and get a more radiant, tighter, and clearer complexion with our plant-based formula.

Apply 1-2 pumps twice a day after your regular face regimen. No need for moisturizer because Bae does the work! Let sit for 20 min before applying makeup!

frankincense essential oil 

copaiba essential oil 

yarrow/pom essential oil 

rosehip (organic + cold pressed)

Note: we use the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oil you can buy.

The Daily Essential Co's exclusive, highest requested recipe for glowing, tightened, improved skin created by our founder, Jenna Rammell.

Skin Bae is an all-natural, plant-powered skin serum that takes the highly concentrated healing of products from the earth and combines them in the perfect ratio for a smoother, more hydrated & more gorgeous glow.

We use the highest quality, finest run of certified therapeutic grade of essential oils and organic, cold-pressed carrier oil.

We hope you love it. 


* Because each of our Skin Bae products are made by hand, we unfortunately cannot accept refunds or returns at this time.

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